July 2022

July 2022Now I really haven't had flute lessons for a very long time. Time-wise, it was difficult for my teacher and me to find common dates. Her studies and the young family have priority and ...


June 2022I don't like this American school at all. It was clearly a bad buy, I can't do anything with it. Good thing it wasn't expensive.

Keep living normal

May 2022 Unfortunately, the madness in the world goes on. It is hard to keep living normal. But it is necessary, no weakness is wanted in my work as a nurse.

April 2022

April 2022 The Russian goverment has gone crazy. Is it not terrible enough that we have endured a pandemic for two years?

A nasty fall

March 2022 The misfortunes do not cease! My flute and I have unexpectedly learned to fly.

General overhaul

February 2022 My newly regulated flute is now in good and stable condition. So am I.

Shrill tones

January 2022 Oh, the first month of this year has not been easy for my Altusflute and me.