You clicked on this link to see what's behind it?

I love curious people!!!

I am starting to blog about my progress in learning and playing the flute.
This page will be in progress. It has to be provided with content, with experiences in the course of the near future and is allowed to grow slowly.
Because I try to blog articles at regular intervals. This blog is meant to show possible beginners, as I am one, what will and can come up for a learner. It will read like a kind of diary.

I have already started something similar with my piano blog for beginners: " Klavierblog-Beginner ". It´s writen in German, my mother tongue and is not translated into English.
I was looking for case studies on the internet about how it feels for adults to learn an instrument. What difficulties they have to deal with. What strategies a newcomer has to develop in order not to give up too quickly when faced with complex tasks or problems. But perhaps also to get in contact with other learners who are under a related condition.
Because learning an instrument takes a lot of time, effort and energy. But brings also joy and passion. Needs the ability to suffer and stamina. Let love grows for music, for sounds, for tones. Necessary is a strong motivation through a good teacher.
If readers feel addressed by my website "A flute rookie", they are very welcome to leave a comment. I am happy about any hints, tips, listening examples, own experiences or encouragement.

At this point I must excuse my English. The English skills fell asleep over the years not using it.

I know it will take quite a while to sound nice at the flute. But I am very happy to embark on the journey with this beautiful instrument. If you like and are interested, please join me on my voyage.